Sunday, July 18, 2010

3-eyed Demon & Julie the Fairy

I'm combining my next two babies because they both happened while I was in between cameras. I apologize for the crappy cell phone pictures that are the result.

An online friend had asked about purchasing Lilith right after she sold. She was in the market for a demon doll for her teenager's birthday. I decided to make another Crowley-type doll but wanted him to be a little different and thought a third eye would look really cool. Rather than just glue a plastic eye on the forehead, I took inspiration from an episode of Angel that has Cordelia growing an eye out of the back of her head. I thought the lids looked gross and cool all in one and that was what I went for here.

Julie the fairy came about basically because I hadn't yet done a purple baby nor had I attempted a fairy. She was named after a friend who found a doll for me to "improve" and sent along to me ~ that doll eventually became Baby Jake the werewolf ;) It took some trial and error to find wings that would work. I finally found some white ones ~ most likely for turning dolls and teddy bears into angels *giggle* and spray painted them black. Julie has black detailing, two different colored eyes and pointy fairy ears in addition to the wings. Her new owner changed her name to Veronica and has helped me out with a few pictures that you will see in a later post.

Even though I can't share clear, sharp photos here ~ I did love the way both Horror Babies turned out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boris the Mummy

Wow, I need to get my arse in gear and start posting on here more regularly. I'm way behind!

I don't know exact time frames anymore ~ like if I made this baby exactly right after Jake the werewolf. enough. LOL

Boris started out as the usual, larger Berenguer baby. I knew early on that I planned to make a mummy baby and the gauze maybe didn't turn out exactly like I envisioned it, but I still love the final product!

Being that Boris is an old, crumbly mummy ~ he is missing some body parts! His nose of course:

And some fingers

And toes

And half an ear

I used dark gray paint on him that turned out to be a beautiful color. I used regular medical guaze you can buy by the roll at a pharmacy. And the end result was a cuter, happier looking baby than I could have imagined!

Boris now lives with his brother Jake and his sister Lilith in California.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Contest Update!

The original winner wasn't interested in the prize, so I drew a second winner. Congratulations to
Joy! SHE is super excited about winning a HeavenLeigh Horrors doll! Thank you to those of you who entered and wanted to win! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations to Anonymous (angeldet) for winning HeavenLeigh Horrors first ever giveaway!

She will receive the "You Forgot My Birthday" baby.

Turnout wasn't as great as I expected and only two people took advantage of claiming multiple entries :( I hope to have another giveaway soon and I hope more and more of you will enter!

I'll invite angeldet to come here to leave a comment once she receives her baby.

And I'll be back to blogging about individual babies soon!

Thanks for entering and congrats again to angeldet!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Ever Blog Giveaway!

Hi and welcome, HeavenLeigh Horrors fans!

Today I am beginning a blog giveaway. You can enter to win a special Barbie-sized fashion doll I've made. It's all yours, totally free ~ I'll even cover shipping! For this first giveaway, it's for U.S. addresses only please.

To enter, just leave a comment (with your email address) as a blog comment to this post. Yes, it's THAT easy! One entry per person this way.

For an extra entry, just link to this post on your Facebook page and leave me the link to it in the comments.

For another entry, Tweet about this post on your Twitter account and leave me a link to your acct. in these comments.

For more entries, just post about this giveaway (but please don't spam anyone) anywhere that you can leave me links to see. For every time you mention this post, you get an additional entry!

Remember, I need your email address too, to contact you if you win. This contest will run through Friday, June 25th. Have fun and spread the word!

Here's the prize!


It's a Barbie-sized (not an actual barbie) doll that has had a new skull head added. She is painted with white acrylic paint and sealed with an acrylic sealer. Her dress *was* new but it's been roughed up a bit, with some dirty brown paint spots. Her shoes were new also and have been roughed up as well. The shoes and skull head are attached permanantly. This poor birthday girl waited and waited for someone to come to her party but no one ever came :( Her cake is also proof of that. It's an actual Barbie cake accessory that has been painted with some green and brown to look like mold. You get both the doll and the cake. This would sure make an interesting conversation piece! ;)

So, have fun and start sharing and commenting to enter!
(this is NOT A TOY and is not intended for children or play. this is an art piece for DISPLAY only)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Jake is my werewolf baby.

He started out as the usual larger sized Berenguer baby. I thought about Jake for a long, long time before I even attempted to make him. I knew that I wanted a werewolf baby and I had a bunch of different pictures in my head of what a werewolf baby would look like before I decided on one.

I had originally planned on Jake being a little hairier than he turned out. I envisioned hair on his arms and chest and more hair on his legs. But boy was the hair a problem! I started off by getting some crepe wool to try. Crepe wool is what is often used by actors in the theater to create beards and moustaches. To me, it wound up looking like long pubic hair. NOT the look I was going for ;-) I researched all different kinds of theatrical and doll making "stuff" without finding what I wanted. Until I stumbled on the perfect hair. I happened to be in a Dollar General store, walking past the health & beauty aisle to get to the clearance section, and I saw hanging up fake hair for extensions. Silky, just like doll hair and only $1 for a big long section! Perfect!

So I read a bit online about how people have put hair on dolls they are restoring or new dolls they have made. I should have paid attention to the fact that they were putting a much smaller amount of hair on a much smaller doll. But I went with a common technique. I bought some E6000 industrial adhesive because I knew that I would glue myself to myself with super glue. I started by making a thin line of glue all around the bottom edge of little Jake's head. You see, in the tips I read, they recommended a layer of hair at the bottom, followed by another layer right above, followed by another layer above that ~ and so on until the whole head is full. But like I mentioned these are SMALL dolls ~ Barbie sized and smaller. Oops! So I started with that first layer and a small section of hair next to a small section of hair next to a small section of hair until I got the first layer all the way around. It took forever and I knew I was in trouble. But I had already started and decided to continue in the same way. It took FORFREAKINGEVER. LOL! I could have made baby Jake look just fine by putting hair at the top of his head and hanging down, but instead I spent at least a week putting layer after layer of hair on him. At least he has a full, lush head of hair ;-)

So I finished the hair and a bit of hair around his ankles. I had made little floppy doggy ears on his ears, that I'm totally bummed I don't have a picture of :( and gave him a little black nose and some new plastic eyes. I only have the two pictures of Jake because I was just showing him to some friends real quick before he was even finished. You'll see in the pics that his hair isn't even trimmed eavenly. But from those pictures, I had a friend who desperately wanted Jake ~ so he now lives with his sister Lilith (previous post) in California!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Lilith happened when I had a few requests to make another demon baby & I was standing in front of my paints and thought "Hmmm...a pink baby would be cute!"

Lilith is smaller than the other babies. She is a 10 inch Berenguer instead of 14 inch. But she still has that adorable chubbiness! ;-)

Lilith is painted pink with black accents. The trio of horns was just to try something different and they are stubby little horns because I felt like they would look better on her shorter frame. I love the way the black horns and tail contrast with her pink "skin".

Lilith's eyes were replaced with bright blue cat's eyes. I think the combination of the cat's eyes and her expression make her look oh so cutely devilish! The cat style eyes are awesome because they are the kind that makes the baby look as if it is looking at you, no matter what position it is in.

Being that pink is my FAVORITE color, Lilith was a hard one to let go. But she has an awesome family now, in California and even lives with two of her brothers (who will be in future posts).