Monday, May 3, 2010


Lilith happened when I had a few requests to make another demon baby & I was standing in front of my paints and thought "Hmmm...a pink baby would be cute!"

Lilith is smaller than the other babies. She is a 10 inch Berenguer instead of 14 inch. But she still has that adorable chubbiness! ;-)

Lilith is painted pink with black accents. The trio of horns was just to try something different and they are stubby little horns because I felt like they would look better on her shorter frame. I love the way the black horns and tail contrast with her pink "skin".

Lilith's eyes were replaced with bright blue cat's eyes. I think the combination of the cat's eyes and her expression make her look oh so cutely devilish! The cat style eyes are awesome because they are the kind that makes the baby look as if it is looking at you, no matter what position it is in.

Being that pink is my FAVORITE color, Lilith was a hard one to let go. But she has an awesome family now, in California and even lives with two of her brothers (who will be in future posts).


  1. Lilith has been an awesome addition to our family. She is so spoiled and a bit of a trouble maker, relying on her cuteness to often get out of trouble, lol.

    Lilith was recently entrusted to the care of our live demon child, lol. They are kindred spirits and love hanging out together. Lilith still shares a room with her brother Boris who is being taken care of by our more sensitive child.

  2. You were right to choose pink. It was the perfect color for Lilith.