Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Jake is my werewolf baby.

He started out as the usual larger sized Berenguer baby. I thought about Jake for a long, long time before I even attempted to make him. I knew that I wanted a werewolf baby and I had a bunch of different pictures in my head of what a werewolf baby would look like before I decided on one.

I had originally planned on Jake being a little hairier than he turned out. I envisioned hair on his arms and chest and more hair on his legs. But boy was the hair a problem! I started off by getting some crepe wool to try. Crepe wool is what is often used by actors in the theater to create beards and moustaches. To me, it wound up looking like long pubic hair. NOT the look I was going for ;-) I researched all different kinds of theatrical and doll making "stuff" without finding what I wanted. Until I stumbled on the perfect hair. I happened to be in a Dollar General store, walking past the health & beauty aisle to get to the clearance section, and I saw hanging up fake hair for extensions. Silky, just like doll hair and only $1 for a big long section! Perfect!

So I read a bit online about how people have put hair on dolls they are restoring or new dolls they have made. I should have paid attention to the fact that they were putting a much smaller amount of hair on a much smaller doll. But I went with a common technique. I bought some E6000 industrial adhesive because I knew that I would glue myself to myself with super glue. I started by making a thin line of glue all around the bottom edge of little Jake's head. You see, in the tips I read, they recommended a layer of hair at the bottom, followed by another layer right above, followed by another layer above that ~ and so on until the whole head is full. But like I mentioned these are SMALL dolls ~ Barbie sized and smaller. Oops! So I started with that first layer and a small section of hair next to a small section of hair next to a small section of hair until I got the first layer all the way around. It took forever and I knew I was in trouble. But I had already started and decided to continue in the same way. It took FORFREAKINGEVER. LOL! I could have made baby Jake look just fine by putting hair at the top of his head and hanging down, but instead I spent at least a week putting layer after layer of hair on him. At least he has a full, lush head of hair ;-)

So I finished the hair and a bit of hair around his ankles. I had made little floppy doggy ears on his ears, that I'm totally bummed I don't have a picture of :( and gave him a little black nose and some new plastic eyes. I only have the two pictures of Jake because I was just showing him to some friends real quick before he was even finished. You'll see in the pics that his hair isn't even trimmed eavenly. But from those pictures, I had a friend who desperately wanted Jake ~ so he now lives with his sister Lilith (previous post) in California!

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