Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dante is the baby who escaped from hell or the "maggoty" baby ;p

When I first picked up Dante, I had intended for him to be a werewolf baby, but that didn't work out and you'll see the werewolf baby in a later post.

I don't remember what started Dante on his final look. I think it was his eyes. I wanted to do something different than the red eyes I had been doing and I had the idea to have one empty eye socket or to have an eye hanging out of the socket somehow. I experimented with seeing if I could melt the "skin" around the eye and was pleasantly surprised by how cool the vinyl looked as it bubbled and melted and that developed into his whole body look.

Dante was the most painful baby I've made ~ my fingers were killing me after a few burns! I was using one of those long lighters ~ the kind you use to light a barbeque. It has a child safety device that means you have to press really hard and after a short time it got very difficult to hold down long enough to make the scorch marks. But I kept going and finished up for the night, all excited with how he looked. Then I woke up the next morning with blisters all over my fingers from holding the stupid lighter! LOL So finishing Dante up had to take a few extra days ;)

At first, I just thought it would be cool to have a maggot or two crawling out of Dante's messed up eye. Then, after I made a few, I decided that maggots all over his body would be super gross and way awesome. The maggots are made with Milliput clay, then painted and superglued to the body. The flash kind of blew out the white, but they aren't quite as bright and white as they look. I only painted them one layer so they kept some of the green of the clay and look kind of dirty.

I finished Dante with a snake that goes in through a hole in his ear and out through his empty eye socket. I don't have a clue where that idea came from, but I loved the way it looked! I would have preferred a more realistic looking color for a snake than purple, but it was the only one I could find that was the right size.

Dante went with George the zombie to a new home in Germany! He is probably my grossest baby so far ~ people *really* don't like maggots ;) and I think he's great because his look was totally random and just came together perfectly.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

George the Zombie

After Ben decided he was going to be a lizard-type baby instead of a zombie, I still needed to create a zombie baby to sell.

This is George before I got my hands on him:

I had planned all along to give George a wicked cut on his cheek, but it was my son who gave me the leg idea. He mentioned it would be cool if I could make a doll that had its leg or arm cut off and bone sticking out. I still want to explore a severed limb with jagged bone remaining, but I did George's leg with clay and loved how it turned out.

George is painted with a medium green base with black, red, and white accents. His leg stump and face gash are both polymer clay and he has red plastic eyes. He wound up being one of my favorite dolls (still!) because his facial expression makes him look so darn fun and cute, even with his obvious zombie-ish problems.
George now lives in Germany with his brother Dante. More on Dante in a future blog!
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Friday, April 16, 2010


Harmony "before"

Harmony was supposed to be my "for sale" version of Lizzie. She started off with intentions of being a vampire, but along the way something changed.

She is painted white with red accents and red plastic eyes and has a couple of cute little sharp teeth on the bottom.

The eyes just seemed to need to be painted as they were, but when I was done it was my son, J.T., who told me he thought she was a banshee. I thought that sounded as good as anything ~ I had heard stories of banshees as a kid and I was SO GLAD our family didn't have one because the thought of a screaming or wailing banshee terrified me ;-) It wasn't until Harmony was finished and listed that I realized that she even fit the description to a tee. Banshees are supposed to be pale with red rimmed eyes because of their constant crying. Cool!

I struggled with a name for this banshee doll and it was my BOFF (best ONLINE friend forever) who came up with Harmony. It was a cute name for a ghost doll that screams and cries so I loved it.
Harmony went to live with a family in MI. She was the first of their HeavenLeigh Horror adoptions. As of this post, they now have 4 HLH dolls!

Harmony with Crowley:

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorry it's been a while. I'm having a problem with pain in my left wrist and thumb and am supposed to be wearing a splint and not typing even now. So *shhhh*. Don't tell my doctor! ;)

My second "For Sale" baby was Crowley.

He was sold, along with Ben, to my first ever customer ~ in Germany.

Crowley is the same sized Berenguer baby as Ben. He was painted with 2 coats of red acrylic paint with brown accents. His eyes were replaced with red plastic eyes. His horns and tail are made of the same Milliput clay as Ben's tongue and eyebrow ridges.

In progress:

The horns were easy to get exactly how I wanted them to look right away. The tail? Not so much. This was my first attempt.

Yikes! I don't even want to say what it looks like. LOL

But I got online and looked up some demon tail pictures and tried again with much better results!

Crowley is a fan favorite for sure. Everyone loves those horns and tail. :)