Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Ever Blog Giveaway!

Hi and welcome, HeavenLeigh Horrors fans!

Today I am beginning a blog giveaway. You can enter to win a special Barbie-sized fashion doll I've made. It's all yours, totally free ~ I'll even cover shipping! For this first giveaway, it's for U.S. addresses only please.

To enter, just leave a comment (with your email address) as a blog comment to this post. Yes, it's THAT easy! One entry per person this way.

For an extra entry, just link to this post on your Facebook page and leave me the link to it in the comments.

For another entry, Tweet about this post on your Twitter account and leave me a link to your acct. in these comments.

For more entries, just post about this giveaway (but please don't spam anyone) anywhere that you can leave me links to see. For every time you mention this post, you get an additional entry!

Remember, I need your email address too, to contact you if you win. This contest will run through Friday, June 25th. Have fun and spread the word!

Here's the prize!


It's a Barbie-sized (not an actual barbie) doll that has had a new skull head added. She is painted with white acrylic paint and sealed with an acrylic sealer. Her dress *was* new but it's been roughed up a bit, with some dirty brown paint spots. Her shoes were new also and have been roughed up as well. The shoes and skull head are attached permanantly. This poor birthday girl waited and waited for someone to come to her party but no one ever came :( Her cake is also proof of that. It's an actual Barbie cake accessory that has been painted with some green and brown to look like mold. You get both the doll and the cake. This would sure make an interesting conversation piece! ;)

So, have fun and start sharing and commenting to enter!
(this is NOT A TOY and is not intended for children or play. this is an art piece for DISPLAY only)


  1. I like the blog, the blood spatter is kinda pretty, lol.

    ~~~ Cari

  2. Cari,
    I just changed to that background tonight! LOL They had some new stuff to choose from and I knew it was ME. ;-p

  3. As always, your work is amazing.


  4. Happy Birthday barbie. Lol. Hey Cory! (goals)

  5. I love this!!!!!!!

  6. Love the page! The blood splatter is so fitting, lol.

  7. Something Kearstyn would like .

  8. Love Love Love it.... Your work is always awesome.

  9. Hey everyone,

    If you tried commenting before and couldn't ~ I believe I fixed it so that anyone can comment. You should no longer have to log in to leave a comment.

    Don't forget to earn extra entries by sharing the link to this blog :)

  10. this page is just like you................

  11. danie:)(momalone)June 12, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    Im tryin to figure out how to send u the link where I posted on FB

  12. Cory, as usual, this is awesome. I wonder about you sometimes though. lmao

  13. Thanks Anita ;)

  14. I love this one. She is so creepy.


  15. Joy KlopfensteinJune 18, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    I love your creativity.

  16. all your babies are just amazing!


  17. I'm an art lover, in all forms and style. The background blood splatter is very apt for this blog.

    The skull barbie is so creepy hehe, why oh why didn't whoever she or he is waiting never arrived. poor girl.