Sunday, July 18, 2010

3-eyed Demon & Julie the Fairy

I'm combining my next two babies because they both happened while I was in between cameras. I apologize for the crappy cell phone pictures that are the result.

An online friend had asked about purchasing Lilith right after she sold. She was in the market for a demon doll for her teenager's birthday. I decided to make another Crowley-type doll but wanted him to be a little different and thought a third eye would look really cool. Rather than just glue a plastic eye on the forehead, I took inspiration from an episode of Angel that has Cordelia growing an eye out of the back of her head. I thought the lids looked gross and cool all in one and that was what I went for here.

Julie the fairy came about basically because I hadn't yet done a purple baby nor had I attempted a fairy. She was named after a friend who found a doll for me to "improve" and sent along to me ~ that doll eventually became Baby Jake the werewolf ;) It took some trial and error to find wings that would work. I finally found some white ones ~ most likely for turning dolls and teddy bears into angels *giggle* and spray painted them black. Julie has black detailing, two different colored eyes and pointy fairy ears in addition to the wings. Her new owner changed her name to Veronica and has helped me out with a few pictures that you will see in a later post.

Even though I can't share clear, sharp photos here ~ I did love the way both Horror Babies turned out!

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  1. Jordan loves his 3-eyed demon He hasn't named him yet,but he really was surprised when he opened it! Thanks Cory!