Friday, April 16, 2010


Harmony "before"

Harmony was supposed to be my "for sale" version of Lizzie. She started off with intentions of being a vampire, but along the way something changed.

She is painted white with red accents and red plastic eyes and has a couple of cute little sharp teeth on the bottom.

The eyes just seemed to need to be painted as they were, but when I was done it was my son, J.T., who told me he thought she was a banshee. I thought that sounded as good as anything ~ I had heard stories of banshees as a kid and I was SO GLAD our family didn't have one because the thought of a screaming or wailing banshee terrified me ;-) It wasn't until Harmony was finished and listed that I realized that she even fit the description to a tee. Banshees are supposed to be pale with red rimmed eyes because of their constant crying. Cool!

I struggled with a name for this banshee doll and it was my BOFF (best ONLINE friend forever) who came up with Harmony. It was a cute name for a ghost doll that screams and cries so I loved it.
Harmony went to live with a family in MI. She was the first of their HeavenLeigh Horror adoptions. As of this post, they now have 4 HLH dolls!

Harmony with Crowley:

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