Saturday, April 24, 2010

George the Zombie

After Ben decided he was going to be a lizard-type baby instead of a zombie, I still needed to create a zombie baby to sell.

This is George before I got my hands on him:

I had planned all along to give George a wicked cut on his cheek, but it was my son who gave me the leg idea. He mentioned it would be cool if I could make a doll that had its leg or arm cut off and bone sticking out. I still want to explore a severed limb with jagged bone remaining, but I did George's leg with clay and loved how it turned out.

George is painted with a medium green base with black, red, and white accents. His leg stump and face gash are both polymer clay and he has red plastic eyes. He wound up being one of my favorite dolls (still!) because his facial expression makes him look so darn fun and cute, even with his obvious zombie-ish problems.
George now lives in Germany with his brother Dante. More on Dante in a future blog!
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